Early access to the new YouTube

I’ve just activated the new look YouTube and first impressions are good.┬áThe new layout is much cleaner than any of the previous versions and brings YouTube into line with other Google properties such as Google Plus (G+). How to activate the new look YouTube (video) === If for some reason you are unable to view […]


Almost a year ago to the day, I posted this testimonial for Will Pedley Racing┬áto my YouTube channel. It would seem the video ticked the right boxes as Google contacted me last month and invited me to start placing Google Ads on future uploads. In other words, there is a possibility to make some money […]

Donald Trump on Piers Morgan Tonight Show

Donald Trump on the Tonight Show Listen for free on iTunes [UK] Listen for free on iTunes [US] In a recent interview on the Tonight Show with Piers Morgan, Donald Trump talks about a possible run for the White House and doing business with the Chinese. You can listen to the entire interview on iTunes […]

The Car Company – Used Car Sales in Leamington Spa

This post originally formed part of a Search Engine Optimisation exercise carried out on behalf of the Car Company in Leamington Spa – specialists in used car sales and vehicle finance. Content has now been moved to The Car Company website and if you’re not there already you should be redirected in a moment. Tags: […]

Will Pedley Racing

In this post regarding my old Peugeot 306, I mentioned that the car was sold to Will Pedley, who had seen the car advertised for sale on the Ford Focus Owners Club (FFOC). On page 3 of my rablings, I mentioned that Will was an absolute petrol head. Will’s latest project is a supercharged Ford […]

The new Ford Focus RS (being owned by a Clio?)

Throughout the 80s and 90s I had the pleasure of being shuttled to school in various Japanese imports, including the simply awesome 1986 Mazda 323 F. Made entirely of Kevlar, powered by a turbocharged 1.7 engine and finished with the most chavtastic of racing stripes (marking an ‘F’ down both sides) it is no wonder […]

The Apprentice – Sir Alan Sugar vs Cassetteboy

I’m surprised this only has 11,000 views, as it is the most amusing Apprentice video edit I have ever seen. Credit must go to Cassetteboy, who has taken various clips spread over several seasons of The Apprentice and spliced them together into this hilarious edit. My favourite line has to be “…and one of you […]