Get Adam Arnold to the top of Google (again)

In Get Adam Arnold to the top of Google I first introduced my interest in search engine result pages (SERPs). At the time of posting you would have been hard pushed to find by entering “Adam Arnold” in Google or any search engine of your choice and the post title should therefore be self […]

Logo Design in Calgary (CANADA)

Edit: Google Analytics has alerted me to traffic to this page from Canada. If you’re one of those people and happen to be looking for logo and/or graphic design in the area check out Bland? Identify Yourself This post won’t make sense to anyone other than David Bland of Bland? Identify Yourself and is purely […]

Adam Arnold and the Google SERPS

Back in March of this year I started the post Get Adam Arnold to # 1 on Google with the intention of documenting my attempts to search engine optimise my own name. By the end of April any searches for “Adam Arnold” in MSN, Yahoo or Windows Live would have brought up on the […]

Caffeinated Content

Caffeinated content is a simple but potentially very powerful wordpress plugin. Before I commence my ramblings I must give credit to SmarterHousing’s technical director, Drew Clarke, for finding this. At the time of writing the software costs $77.00 although reading the Kanseio blog it looks as though the developer intends to increase the price slowly […]

Content is king

For anyone who has noticed a total lack of updates to, I apologise. 18 days into 2009 and I haven’t had a single minute spare to reflect on recent encounters and/or draw anything useful from them. January is always a busy time of year with SmarterHousing, given students typically look for accommodation around about […]

Applying SEO to Smarter Housing (follow up)

In my previous post on applying SEO to Smarter Housing, I mentioned the importance of using consistent information both on and off site. It is important to distinguish between consistent information and repeated information. The latter is likely to be picked up as duplicate content by Google and will be detrimental for SEO. However, the […]