SEO is easy (when you get the hang of it)

Through a good friend of mine, David Alves contacted me looking for some help with search engine optimisation on his new website, This is not the first time I have tried to help a friend-of-a-friend with SEO and I found my response followed a familiar pattern: (1) I outlined the three elements of SEO; […]

What is #lipbalm?

You’re probably thinking something along these lines: Lip balm, sometimes referred to as lip salve, is a waxy substance applied topically to the lips of the mouth. Users of lip balm apply the substance to relieve chapped or dry lips, angular cheilitis, stomatitis, or cold sores. That’s lip balm: there’s a more to #lipbalm! Confused? […]

West Midlands SEO: the Top 10

In my 2009 post, ‘Get Adam Arnold to the top of Google‘, I documented the impact of different SEO techniques on the performance of my blog in the search engine results pages. With particular reference to the search term ‘Adam Arnold’, this blog moved from a lowly spot on the 6th page of the Google […]

Google Panda: opportunities and appeals

Last month I had the opportunity to present to participants of SPEED West Midlands and provide a quick introduction to search engine optimisation. The slides are available on this post about & Smarter SEO. Amongst other topics, I touched upon Google Panda – the latest revision to the Google search algorithm which went live […]

The Parrot AR.Drone – lost in (web)space – lessons in SEO

This is certainly a case of do as I say and not as I do.  Last month, I set-up a website for the Parrot AR.Drone, with the intention of generating a steady affiliate income from sales of the drone and related accessories. I’ll be the first to admit the site isn’t structured as well as […]

The Parrot AR.Drone [.com] & Smarter SEO

Following on from this post on Builders in Hagley & Smarter SEO, I have now formed Smarter SEO Limited, trading out of the Technology Centre on the Wolverhampton Science Park. As mentioned previously, the website URL for Smarter SEO will remain a secret until I can post up case studies documenting our approach for no […]

S J Accountancy Services – for all your business & accounting needs

Accountants. No-one really wants to be one, no-one really likes using them. However, a good accountant can add significant value to any business, reducing VAT/Tax bills, improving cash-flow or the efficiency of investments amongst other things. For reasons I will come back to in the very near future, since Monday 21st June I have been […]