Theo Paphitis on Small Business Sunday

In the video that follows, Hannah Power interviews Theo Paphitis on behalf of the Digital Youth Acadamy. Hannah, a current student at the University of Warwick, asks Theo to recall the first time he used Twitter, why he started Small Business Sunday (#sbs) and what value he places on the use of social media. I […]

Small Business Sunday: The Man Behind The Hashtag

No sooner than I had received the invitation to the Inaugural #sbs winners’ event, I was trying to clear my diary for Friday 30th March. All looked good until 9 am on the day, when a couple of clients threw some urgent work my way. At first, it looked as though I wouldn’t be able […]

Inaugural #SBS Winners Event

Small Business Sunday is a weekly Twitter competition hosted by Theo Paphitis. It’s free to enter and the winner gets exposure to Theo’s 250,000 (and counting) followers.  Should you require more information, check out this post. The competition has been running since 2010 however the first official event takes place this month. If you’re a member […]

Theo Paphitis sold La Senza for £100m. 5 years ago.

In the summer of 2006, Theo Paphitis sold his majority stake in La Senza for a cool £100m. Just a few months later the same buyer snapped up his lesser known brand Contessa, for a sum “in the low millions”. Further to both purchases, private equity firm Lion Capital consolidated their number two position in […]

#sbs SEO freebie for

For the past month and a half I have been giving back to #sbs, offering free SEO to the weekly winners. Thus far I have reviewed a total of 19 websites, representing just over half of the 36 winners since 23rd October and, to the best of my knowledge, the advice has been very well […]

#sbs Small Business Sunday

This time last year I was fortunate enough to win Small Business Sunday, a weekly Twitter competition hosted by Theo Paphitis. At the time, entry required use of the hashtag #TheoSBS, although this has since been shortened to #SBS. Small Business Sunday Entry Requirements The #sbs competition is open to all and is free to […]