The Car Company – Used Car Sales & Vehicle Finance

The Car Company, specialists in used Car Sales & Vehicle Finance in Warwickshire, have asked me to help generate additional leads from the internet. Car sales is a very competitive search term in general and will prove quite a challenge. My approach to this project will involve social networking sites, including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, […]

Leamington Car Sales & Vehicle Finance

Since posting this blog on Leamington Car Sales & Vehicle Finance, The Car Company have expanded to offer a service for car dealers that do not have their own consumer credit licence (CCL). Despite this, I noticed a large number of Google searches for “car finance without a ccl” were ending up on my original […]

The Car Company – Used Car Sales in Leamington Spa

This post originally formed part of a Search Engine Optimisation exercise carried out on behalf of the Car Company in Leamington Spa – specialists in used car sales and vehicle finance. Content has now been moved to The Car Company website and if you’re not there already you should be redirected in a moment. Tags: […]