Smarter Card efforts

In a recent post on the Savvi Student Discount Card I hinted at my annoyance regarding that company’s decision to use the same strapline as on the Smarter Card. Coincidence? No. I met with the owner of Savvi Student a couple of years ago with regards to his UniExpress venture. There were brief talks of […]

Savvi Student Discount Card

Smarter Housing – Raising The Standard is a registered trademark. Sadly, I didn’t bother doing the same thing for the Smarter Card. This is partly because I have been using a variety of strap-lines and guaging how these perform in the search engines. Amongst others I have used: Smarter Card – exclusive local offers, nationwide […]

Follow the Smarter Card on Twitter

As you might have guessed, this post follows on from Follow the Smarter Card on Facebook and serves a pretty much identical purpose. The Smarter Card has an online presence at, on Facebook and on Twitter but until now you could only access the latter two directly. Anyone following the Smarter Card on Facebook […]

Student Discounts in Leamington Spa

I am more than aware local competitors frequent my blog so for now exact figures shall only be known to the SmarterCard team, however I am delighted to say orders have been flying in! The majority of exclusivity agreements have now been returned to us so details of our student discounts are being posted on […]

The 4am shift. Smarter Card – student discount card

The Smarter Card – student discount and saver card. Local discounts, nationwide. With the SmarterCard now available to students in Coventry and Warwickshire, with Birmingham and Nottingham only a month or so away, content on the Smarter Nights website was in need of an update. Scripting website text is impossible during normal hours due to […]

The SPLAT card

On 18th June I received a Facebook message from the founder of, Tom Smith.  SPLAT, which stands for “Students Pay Less AT [],” is a  natural progression from Tom’s current business, CovLife is a StudentBeans style site with printable discount/offer vouchers for Coventry University students. Tom was actually looking to discuss a potential […]

More student discounts in Leamington Spa

The SmarterCard is now gaining momentum in Royal Leamington Spa, so I have started to develop the kind of web content students would expect if browsing It is essential we do not put off potential customers (students at the University of Warwick and Warwickshire College) and I believe a poorly developed website is one […]