Rajinderpal Singh Dhillon v 2.0

This is a follow up to a previous post regarding Ricky Dhillon, entitled “Back to business – a lesson in due diligence“. Some apologies #1: I refer to Rajinderpal Singh Dhillon / Ricky Dhillon by his full name throughout this entry. This is for SEO purposes. #2: I refer to myself, where as this actually […]

Back to business – a lesson in due diligence

I’m aware that there hasn’t been much in the way of useful content on my blog recently. Sadly I have been ridiculously busy dealing with a number of court cases related to the demise of Smarter Housing. If I may take you back to this 2008 entry on Estate Agents & Dodgy Landlords, I am […]

Estate Agents & Dodgy Landlords

As my wife will verify, I tend to moan, rant and rave quite often. However, I have to say my ramblings are quite justified when you realise just how many crooks there are in the world of estate agency. It is no secret that I chose to turn down a well paid career in KPMG […]