O2 customers: you have been warned

O2 has recently been forced to say sorry in the wake of another network problem which left some 10% of their 23 million customers without phone coverage. Chief Executive Ronan Dunne said he was “embarrassed” by the glitch, which comes only months after a similar network failure, back in July of this year. Personally I […]

Proof cases summer sale (50% off iPhone 4 cases)

Credit goes to Larry Greenberg for introducing me to Proof Cases, via the video below – in which he gives his thoughts on their latest offering for the iPhone 4. You can keep up to date with Larry Greenberg on his YouTube channel, or on his Twitter feed. 50% off at proofcases.com Use promo code […]

For Sale: White iPhone 3G 16gb ver. 3.0

I signed up for a three year deal with O2 last September, taking an iPhone 3G – 16GB version – in white, on the heavy user business tariff. At the time I could have sworn unlimited text messages were included within the bundle, however my first couple of bills suggested otherwise. Initially, dialling 8002 (the […]