Charitable Yield Management by Rory Sutherland

Rory Sutherland presented the idea of Charitable Yield Management to attendees of TEDxOxford on 26th September 2011 and the video appeared on the TEDxTalks YouTube channel in January of this year. For the first part of the video Rory covers some interesting observations by behavioural economists, in particular the way in which our perception of […]

Mr. Simon Edhouse (and, while I’m here, some SEO)

Question: Who is Simon Edhouse and why is there a “Mr. Simon Edhouse” entry on Encounters of an Entrepreneur? I’ve just got home and found out my internet is on vacaction. Given I have an *urgent* e-mail to send out I’ve had to get onto Virgin Media tech support…. There’s only so much distorted MJ […]