Lord Sugar vs Donald Trump: The Twitter Row Continues

Late last night I posted a series of Tweets involving Lord Sugar, Donald Trump and Piers Morgan, in which the three bickered about windmills, the Scottish people, The Apprentice and Bank Debt. I closed Lord Sugar & Donald Trump do battle on Twitter by suggesting it wasn’t over just yet.  However, when I logged in […]

Lord Sugar and Donald Trump do battle on Twitter

It’s fair to say Twitter has provided plenty of entertainment this evening, with Lord Sugar & Donald Trump getting involved in a tit for tat Twitter spat! Following the conversation was pretty tedious as Trump insisted on Tweeting to himself rather than using the “@” function. Presumably he assumes his followers are morons and don’t […]

Apprentice 2011 & You’re Fired tickets

The Apprentice 2011 is due to hit TV screens around May of this year and for the first time since the series began there is no £100,000 job on the line.  Instead, Lord Sugar is to invest £250,000 into a business which he will jointly own with the winner of the 2011 Apprentice. What this […]

The Apprentice – Sir Alan Sugar vs Cassetteboy

I’m surprised this only has 11,000 views, as it is the most amusing Apprentice video edit I have ever seen. Credit must go to Cassetteboy, who has taken various clips spread over several seasons of The Apprentice and spliced them together into this hilarious edit. My favourite line has to be “…and one of you […]