Simon Edhouse and…. shed loads of site visitors

I’d totally forgotten about my post on Mr. Simon Edhouse as I had been waiting for some kind of update from the man himself. Yet, in the early hours of Friday night / Saturday morning I have Google Analytics to give me a helpful reminder. Site traffic is up nearly tenfold, with pretty much everyone […]

Logo Design in Calgary (CANADA)

Edit: Google Analytics has alerted me to traffic to this page from Canada. If you’re one of those people and happen to be looking for logo and/or graphic design in the area check out Bland? Identify Yourself This post won’t make sense to anyone other than David Bland of Bland? Identify Yourself and is purely […]

Become a web developer in an evening

It seemed like a logical step to purchase dedicated hosting for the new Smarter companies (SmarterHousing is hosted by Atelier Studios) and, despite finishing work around 9 p.m., I decided to do so this evening. Obtaining hosting was easy enough – coming in at a very respectable £15 per month for a package which should […]