Student Discounts on Smarter

The Smarter Card grants the bearer access to exclusive local discounts, nationwide. The card is sold by on-campus resellers and also through partner stores, all of whom receive a commission for generating sales. However, in this time of austerity, online business should not be sniffed at. I am not happy with performance of the Smarter […]

Smarter Card student discounts on iPhone

I’m pleased to say the Smarter Card website is now mobile friendly thanks to yet another WordPress plug-in. The iPad loads up the normal website – which makes sense given the screen is big enough to cope – but if you try and view our student discounts on an iPhone or iPod touch you will […]

Local student discounts, nationwide

Tenants at SmarterHousing benefit from local student discounts, nationwide. Any tenant at the University of Warwick can use their SmarterHousing keyring (now SmarterCard) for student savings in Leamington Spa, Warwick, Earlsdon and Coventry i.e. the discounts are local to their student residence. In a similar fashion, any student at Birmingham University can use their keyring […]

Student Discounts Coventry Earlsdon Leamington Spa

The Smarter Card student saver card. Local discounts, nationwide. I’m pretty set on the above wording, which will be used on any SmarterCard related content over at That said, I am still toying with Save money with the Smarter Card. Local discounts, nationwide. It might seem like much ado about nothing, however the wording […]