SPEED Plus: supporting West Midlands start-ups

As soon as I graduated from the University of Warwick, I applied to the Enterprise Fellowship Scheme (EFS): a network for students & graduates of West Midlands universities, providing start-up support to anyone who wanted to be their own boss. EFS provided me with free office space and access to meeting rooms in the University […]

Welcome to the Karma Hotel (Smarter SEO)

The Enterprise Fellowship Scheme was a year long course to help recent graduates start their own business. In 2005, I was accepted onto the Warwick EFS program and through this I met John Wood, who now runs a company called SPRUNG. Further to the decline of Smarter Housing, I got in touch with some of […]

Graduate Entrepreneur

EDIT: 19th September, 2012 – it looks as though this scheme is no longer operating. If I find out any more I will update this entry, however in the meantime I have removed all links to Graduate Entrepreneur as their website is no longer there. This little update also gives me an opportunity to plug […]

Business Survives on the Bottom Line

Adam Arnold, chief executive of SmarterHousing, is also beginning to achieve success by breaking the mould. Graduating in 2005, he spotted that university students in Warwick and Coventry were poorly served with housing rental. Rather than take up a graduate traineeship at KPMG he set up internet-based SmarterHousing. Most of SmarterHousing’s rental agreements are signed […]