Virgin Media Six Months Half Price & Free Installation

I’ve just received another e-mail from Virgin Media regarding their half price & free installation offer, which ends on 28th September. Typically, deals like this won’t appeal to me as I am happy enough with my current providers, however Virgin Media have opened this up to existing customers as well as new ones. Here is […]

Virgin Media 9 month student broadband (2011)

UPDATE: Virgin Media have confirmed that they will be offering their 9 month student broadband packages for the 2013/2014 academic year. For full details, visit the Virgin Media student bundles page: Last week I mentioned that the Virgin Media 9 month student broadband deals were making a return for the 2011 – 2012 academic year. […]

Virgin Media 9 month student broadband returns 15th August

UPDATE: 2013 -2014 academic year, 9 month student broadband deals are live on the Virgin Media website: Virgin Media have announced their 2011 student broadband deal will be available to order from 14th August. Virgin Media 9 month student broadband You can order the 9 month student broadband package directly from the Virgin Media website. […]

Orange Home Broadband tops OFCOM customer satisfaction survey

At the time of writing, I am involved in a dispute with Talk Talk business over a simple billing issue, dating back to the point when they were instructed to upgrade a dial-up connection to a faster DSL service. Rather than upgrade the existing account, Talk Talk opened a new one and kept billing me […]

Pipex – Opal – Talk Talk Business (SIGH)

I’ve seen my fair share of court rooms over the years and frankly I can’t stand them.  In this post I am going to publicise an ongoing issue with Talk Talk in the hope someone senior within the company resolves the matter and saves us the hassle of County Court. Pipex Dial and Pipex DSL […]