(Another) glowing Apple logo for your iPhone 4

Last month, a Leeds based company called iPatch announced that they had developed a glowing Apple logo for the iPhone 4.  Since then, iPatch have confirmed the modification will be available for the iPhone 4S, however it is yet to go on sale via their website. In the meantime, a company called iLoja have started selling the […]

The iPhone 4S is here.

Almost. The iPhone 4S is available for pre-order from 7th October and will hit stores 7 days later. Unfortunately, there isn’t a great deal of information available to those wanting to pre-order the 4S. At the time of writing, O2, Orange, Vodafone and Three all have the latest iPhone on their respective homepages, however this is nothing […]

Glowing Apple logo for your iPhone 4

Last night I tweeted a link to this article, concerning an iPhone 4 modification offered by a Leeds based company called iPatch. A number of people have asked me what is involved in the process, so my first port of call was the iPatch website, which provides the following details: At this moment in time, the […]

iPhone 3GS from Carphone Warehouse

As to be expected when a phone is in such high demand as the 3GS, these posts tend to become outdated very quickly. However, for the time being, the Carphone Warehouse website shows they have black and white versions of the 32 gig iPhone 3GS, locked to the O2 network. For information on O2 UK’s […]

The new iPhone 3GS – S is for speed

On Tuesday 16th June I called O2 business customer support with a few questions regarding my existing handsets. Amongst other things, I wanted to transfer my iPhone 3G bundle (data, insurance, etc) from one phone number to another. As you may have read here, I was offered an upgrade to the 3GS and didn’t hesitate […]

For Sale: White iPhone 3G 16gb ver. 3.0

I signed up for a three year deal with O2 last September, taking an iPhone 3G – 16GB version – in white, on the heavy user business tariff. At the time I could have sworn unlimited text messages were included within the bundle, however my first couple of bills suggested otherwise. Initially, dialling 8002 (the […]