34SP: awesome hosts (update: one month free hosting)

UPDATE: 34sp.com also sell domains and throughout January, all .co.uk. domains are just £2.50 per year. I can assure you, this is a bargain! Visit 34sp.com/domains for more information [and don’t forget the free month’s hosting offer (below)] Taking advantage of 34SP’s “one month free hosting” offer is simple: – head on over to 34sp.com; […]

A brief service interruption

From time to time, web hosting companies need to perform security or performance updates to their servers. When this happens, there’s always a chance that customers using those servers will face some website downtime. In many cases, web hosting companies will do this without any prior announcement which can be hugely frustrating for consumers. We […]

34sp.com – awesome hosts

I first blogged about 34SP in July 2010, thanking them for offering top notch support as I got to grips my first hosting account. More than twelve months on, I feel the need for a little update. Through my work with Smarter SEO, I have experience of more than 20 different hosting companies and I have […]