McDonalds Monopoly 2010 – hello Trigger!

Toward the latter end of 2009 I dabbled with “McDonalds Monopoly 2009” as a search term and my post £50k if you can find Mayfair (McDonalds Monopoly 2009) popped up in the top 3 results for pretty much all related Google searches. Job done you might say! On my journey home from the office this […]

£50K if you can find Mayfair (McDonalds Monopoly 09)

Craving coffee late at night during the Easter weekend forced me into visiting the local McD’s which is now open 24/7. Slapped on the side of my order was an unexpected Monopoly token – one half of the top prize (£500,000). A quick look on Facebook tells me M920 Park Lane is pretty well distributed. […]