Local student discounts, nationwide

Tenants at SmarterHousing benefit from local student discounts, nationwide. Any tenant at the University of Warwick can use their SmarterHousing keyring (now SmarterCard) for student savings in Leamington Spa, Warwick, Earlsdon and Coventry i.e. the discounts are local to their student residence. In a similar fashion, any student at Birmingham University can use their keyring […]

Become a web developer in an evening

It seemed like a logical step to purchase dedicated hosting for the new Smarter companies (SmarterHousing is hosted by Atelier Studios) and, despite finishing work around 9 p.m., I decided to do so this evening. Obtaining hosting was easy enough – coming in at a very respectable £15 per month for a package which should […]

Branded Entrepreneurship

Sir Richard Branson has done rather well out of branded entrepreneurship, so I don’t think its such a bad model to follow. In Losing My Virginity (Amazon clicky), he talks about this in great detail, but for the sake of copyright infringement, the general gist is thus: – Virgin put up the finance & branding […]

How to form a company

Launching a business straight out of university seemed like a daunting prospect, but in hindsight it was far easier than the day-to-day management once the company was up and running. The first port of call was to register a limited company. I took the easy route here, and paid an accountant to do this for […]

About Adam Arnold – The Smarter CEO

Adam Arnold as a schoolboy I was born in Wordsley in 1983 and went to Haden Hill School until it was knocked down and replaced with a housing estate. I can vaguely remember looking round quite a few possible alternatives, eventually ending up at Bromsgrove School in Worcestershire. The bulk of my life to date […]