Applying SEO to Smarter Housing (follow up)

In my previous post on applying SEO to Smarter Housing, I mentioned the importance of using consistent information both on and off site. It is important to distinguish between consistent information and repeated information. The latter is likely to be picked up as duplicate content by Google and will be detrimental for SEO. However, the […]

Search Engine Optimisation

Although SmarterHousing now has physical offices in all of the towns and cities in which accommodation is on offer, I originally launched the business as a ‘web company’. Common sense dictates that a company of this nature cannot survive without a constant source of traffic. In an effort to drive people to, I scoured […]

Make money from nothing

We’ve all seen the sites proclaiming they will make you £14,757 per week sat in the bar of a private yacht, drifting aimlessly through the med. Even better – you don’t need to invest any of your own money. It isn’t possible to make money from nothing, without committing fraud; the whole risk and return […]

Coventry Student Discount Card

Following hot on the heels of the SmarterCard student discount card in Royal Leamington Spa, we have started to sign up special offers on products and services in Coventry and Earlsdon, catering for Coventry University students and a small percentage of Warwick students who reside in Earlsdon and the areas surrounding campus. Businesses in Coventry […]

Applying SEO to Smarter Housing

This article on Search Engine Optimisation (or Optimization to the non-brits reading this) comprises extracts from a document I put together for Smarter Housing Ltd. As I was learning SEO for the first time, I wanted to document different theories and their impact on traffic to the Smarter Housing website. Please note: all figures and […]