Back to business – a lesson in due diligence

I’m aware that there hasn’t been much in the way of useful content on my blog recently. Sadly I have been ridiculously busy dealing with a number of court cases related to the demise of Smarter Housing. If I may take you back to this 2008 entry on Estate Agents & Dodgy Landlords, I am […]

Smarter Housing on YouTube

SmarterHousing specialise in the provision of high quality student accommodation. But what exactly is “high quality” in relation to student houses or flats? For some time I have been meaning to do a video tours of our student houses and flats, however due to the fact they are always occupied from 1st September through to […]

Smarter Housing and the Warwick Boar

Okay, I’ll admit it isn’t quite Richard Branson and BA’s ‘Dirty Tricks’ campaign but I have had a run in with the local rag for the University of Warwick, which isn’t ideal given the bulk of our 300 student properties are based in areas intended for Warwick students. Towards the end of last year I […]

Business Survives on the Bottom Line

Adam Arnold, chief executive of SmarterHousing, is also beginning to achieve success by breaking the mould. Graduating in 2005, he spotted that university students in Warwick and Coventry were poorly served with housing rental. Rather than take up a graduate traineeship at KPMG he set up internet-based SmarterHousing. Most of SmarterHousing’s rental agreements are signed […]

Estate Agents & Dodgy Landlords

As my wife will verify, I tend to moan, rant and rave quite often. However, I have to say my ramblings are quite justified when you realise just how many crooks there are in the world of estate agency. It is no secret that I chose to turn down a well paid career in KPMG […]

BT for business customers

I woke up on edge this morning as the Royal Leamington Spa branch of SmarterHousing was moving from 2 Spencer Street, over the road to number 13, and much of our fate lay in the arms of British Telecom. In opening numerous internet accounts for properties managed by SmarterHousing, my experience of BT Residential has […]

Applying SEO to Smarter Housing (follow up)

In my previous post on applying SEO to Smarter Housing, I mentioned the importance of using consistent information both on and off site. It is important to distinguish between consistent information and repeated information. The latter is likely to be picked up as duplicate content by Google and will be detrimental for SEO. However, the […]