Graduate Entrepreneur

EDIT: 19th September, 2012 – it looks as though this scheme is no longer operating. If I find out any more I will update this entry, however in the meantime I have removed all links to Graduate Entrepreneur as their website is no longer there. This little update also gives me an opportunity to plug […]

ESTEMPLE analysis (inc. PEST, PESTLE)

ESTEMPLE analysis has been devised by business / management types to extend upon the basic PEST framework for investigating external factors that may effect any given business. Had I invested less in the liquid offerings of the Students’ UnionĀ  I could probably reference the text book or lecturer that provided this gem of information, alas […]

Smarter Ventures

Amazon Clicky: Smarter Ventures: A Survivor’s Guide to Venture Capital Through the New Cycle In addition to serving as a parent company to various ‘Smarter’ ventures, the Smarter Group Limited is used for small scale investment in start-up companies. Operations are far from my long term plans for the Smarter Group as a full on […]

Marketing in a downturn

Every ten years or so the word recession pops up in the news, creating panic amongst small business owners. Fearing the worst and employing an element of common sense, most businesses will look to cut back on overheads. Unfortunately, many make the mistake of cutting back on marketing budgets which, in small companies, is often […]

Make Money from Milkround Jobs

If you’re launching a business while still at university, or recently after graduation, you can earn a side income by registering friends for Milkround, who have information on a huge selection of graduate jobs. Signing up is relatively simple: – register here; – verify your e-mail address by following the confirmation link sent to the […]

9-5 is just the first part of the business day

I have been wide awake for 44 of the past 48 hours, flirting between the following duties: – troubleshooting – setting staff objectives – company accounting – customer relations – client account management – marketing and search engine optimisation When I’m busy, I hardly notice the time passing and have to set alarms to remind […]