More on the Smarter Card

In this post on the SPLAT card I talked about a potential joint venture with company owner, Tom Smith. The SmarterCard and the SPLAT card are, in essence, identical. Both cards grant the bearer numerous student discounts, so it made sense to team up given our launch markets were identical – Warwickshire and the West […]

The SPLAT card

On 18th June I received a Facebook message from the founder of, Tom Smith.  SPLAT, which stands for “Students Pay Less AT [],” is a  natural progression from Tom’s current business, CovLife is a StudentBeans style site with printable discount/offer vouchers for Coventry University students. Tom was actually looking to discuss a potential […]

More student discounts in Leamington Spa

The SmarterCard is now gaining momentum in Royal Leamington Spa, so I have started to develop the kind of web content students would expect if browsing It is essential we do not put off potential customers (students at the University of Warwick and Warwickshire College) and I believe a poorly developed website is one […]

Student Discount Cards

Before I graduated from the University of Warwick, I had done my research into the needs of students when it comes to their accommodation. SmarterHousing was immediately distanced from other providers of student accommodation by three unique selling points: – no letting fees; – free wireless broadband; and – ‘all inclusive’ rent covering gas, electricity […]

Student Discounts Coventry Earlsdon Leamington Spa

The Smarter Card student saver card. Local discounts, nationwide. I’m pretty set on the above wording, which will be used on any SmarterCard related content over at That said, I am still toying with Save money with the Smarter Card. Local discounts, nationwide. It might seem like much ado about nothing, however the wording […]

Coventry Student Discount Card

Following hot on the heels of the SmarterCard student discount card in Royal Leamington Spa, we have started to sign up special offers on products and services in Coventry and Earlsdon, catering for Coventry University students and a small percentage of Warwick students who reside in Earlsdon and the areas surrounding campus. Businesses in Coventry […]