How to move iPhone / iPad contacts from one group to another

Earlier this year I signed up to Google Apps as it allows me to synchronise business e-mail, contacts and appointments across multiple computers. If anyone is interested I can do a separate post on the full benefits of this but to ensure this entry remains on topic I shall simply say this saves me hours […]

Angry Birds Rio arrives on iTunes

Angry Birds Rio Available on iTunes [UK] [US] Angry Birds Rio landed in the iTunes App Store just before midnight on 22nd March 2011. I would not be surprised if the third installment of Angry Birds finds itself at the #1 position in the top paid apps within 24 hours. Rovio Mobile have released Angry […]

Steve Jobs is listening (sarcasm warning)

Back in October I blogged about the Belkin Tunebase Product Recall, which I became aware of when scouring Google for issues with using the Tunebase with the iPhone 4. Well, Steve Jobs was clearly amongst the 157  thousand people who viewed my YouTube video and decided to address the issue by releasing iOS 4.2. Cheers […]

Birds Seasons straight in as number 1 app

Birds Seasons from Rovio Mobile Available now on iTunes Further to Angry Birds pipped by Sleep Talk Recorder I note that Rovio Mobile is once again back on top of the iTunes game chart. On Thursday Angry Birds Halloween owners were able to download a free update including a set of 25 levels with a […]

Angry Birds Halloween update – Birds Seasons

Birds Seasons from Rovio Update for Angry Birds Halloween Download now on iTunes If you’ve been on Twitter today you may note “Birds Seasons” is a trending topic. I thought this may have had something to do with Rovio Mobile’s planned transition from mobile applications to console gaming so I checked out the trending timeline. […]

Video Panorama – create panoramic photos on your iPhone

Video Panorama is on iTunes Click here to download Video Panorama is an application for the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G-S, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch which allows you to create panoramic photographs from video taken on your device. Panoramic photography on mobile phones is nothing new – my Sony Ericsson K750i had this as a […]

AR Pursuit now available on the App Store

AR.Pursuit for the AR.Drone Available now on the App Store Further to my post AR Pursuit game for AR Drone I was quite disappointed when AR.Pursuit did not hit the App Store on 26th November as announced by Parrot.  Instead, on 27th November, there was an AR Free Flight update including new AR drone firmware […]