iMovie – a noob friendly editing suite (that fits in your pocket)

A couple of days ago I announced my intention to start making more use of my YouTube channel, prompted by an invitation to monetise my videos. Since then, I have thrown up a couple of videos captured with my Parrot AR.Drone. Download iMovie for iOS £2.99 on iTunes (UK) | $4.99 on iTunes (US) In the most […]

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography is being released on 24th October and for the time being it is available with 50% off on Amazon UK (update, it’s actually half price on [easyazon-link asin=”1451648537″]all Amazon websites[/easyazon-link]). For one, I am looking forward to reading about Apple’s well publicised fall out with Google, which came some 6 […]

Superconductors locked in a magnetic field aka Quantum Levitation / Quantum Locking

Despite what you may think, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. That little white disc is levitating an inch or so above a magnetic track. In fact, if you switched everything upside down, it would remain in place as it is trapped in a magnetic field which arises due to the funky characteristics […]

Error 3200 when ‘verifying iPhone with apple’

If you’re trying to upgrade to iOS 5, there’s a good chance you’ve seen ‘Error 3200’ flash up on your screen when ‘verifying iPhone with Apple’. Like me, you’ve probably seen it numerous times and were starting to worry if you’ve bricked your iPhone. Fear not. This article confirmed my suspicion that the problem is […]

Vodafone scraps free iPhone 4S deal

As of last Friday, it was possible to pre-order the iPhone 4S on any of the major UK mobile networks. Pre-order links for the iPhone 4S ][ O2 ][ Orange ][ Vodafone ][ Three ][  I was pleased to report that Vodafone were offering a free 16GB iPhone 4S (in white or black) on a selection of 24 months contracts. Unfortunately Vodafone e-mailed […]

The iPhone 4S 16GB (white or black) – free on Vodafone

Update – 11th October, 2011: Vodafone scraps free iPhone 4S deal ][ O2 ][ Orange ][ Vodafone ][ Three ][ When Apple release an updated version of the iPhone, it usually leads to a flurry of activity as the major network carriers try to shift the previous model.  As of this morning it became possible to pre-order the iPhone 4S, so I figured […]

RIP Steve Jobs: 1955 – 2011

I was very sad when I read about the loss of Steve Jobs, after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Like millions of other people, I read about the passing of Steve Jobs on a device that wouldn’t exist without his creativity and vision. I thought it fitting to include two videos that I have […]