iPhone 2.2 firmware update

On the plus side I don’t have any missing programs or applications and, as far as I can see, my iPhone isn’t suffering from poor signal. Hopefully I will be able to bring more positive comments once I have explored the update further! As updates go, this was a bloody nightmare. I don’t recall any […]

iPhone backup blues

Firmware updates tend to be eagerly anticipated amongst a significant number of iPhone owners, but I wasn’t particularly excited by Apple’s proposed revisions in the 2.2 update. My biggest gripe with the iPhone is that you can’t forward phone numbers, or even paste phone numbers into messages to be forwarded. The inability to forward text […]

Where did on.box.tv go? No bother…

Until around noon today I had a rather useful application, on.box.tv, which was free from the App Store and provided tv listings direct to the iPhone. Knowing the mighty Aston Villa were playing Manchester United this afternoon, I wanted to see whether or not the game would be on Sky Sports. Typically, Setanta have nabbed […]

I have seen the light

In a recent post on the iPhone’s numerous applications, I mentioned ‘flashlight’ as a good idea in theory but flawed by the simple fact it isn’t bright enough. I have to retract this comment, although I hope the developers can rectify a minor flaw which makes this an easy mistake to make. The brightness control […]

Honestly officer, my iPhone is lying!

I’m still hugely impressed with Apple’s creation and have even considered getting one for my personal mobile, in conjunction to the one I have for business use, despite the fact it will render the former entirely pointless (more on that later!) I’ve downloaded a free GPS tracker from iTunes, mainly because it can provide longitute […]

You’re probably doing it the hard way

There are many occasions when I have considered things that supposedly make life easier, yet I always seem to waste more time on activating/setting up such systems that I probably lose out in the long run. Despite Orange’s initial refusal to issue a PAC code, I managed to get one eventually and over the weekend […]

A day brings many problems

Having negotiated potential disaster (i.e. significant data loss from an apparent computer failure at 6 a.m. this morning) I had hoped for a relatively smooth day. My experience tells me this will rarely be the case and, as of 1 a.m. and with my ‘day’ drawing to a close, I have endured two additional events […]