No prestige token after prestiging (COD: MW3 help)

I hope this post proves useful for anyone who plays Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and has failed to receive a prestige token after entering prestige mode. For those of you who don’t know what this means and are still reading, all Call of Duty games involve a system that allows players to ‘rank […]

Quantum Levitation (revisited)

Quantum Levitation is a process in which a superconducting disk is locked in three dimensional space using a permanent magnet. It is also known as quantum locking and quantum trapping. Whichever way you look at it, it’s pretty impressive. I first blogged about quantum levitation in October 2011, joking that fans of Back to The […]

Recording PS3 & XBOX gameplay (revisited)

Can I record Black Ops 2 gameplay without a capture card? In November last year, I uploaded a semi-sarcastic video to YouTube, entitled “How (not) to record COD: MW3 game play”. Here it is: The point of the video was to illustrate the fact that budding YouTube commentators can’t yet rely on the built in […]

Good karma: bikes, CVs & Mac Repair (Birmingham, UK)

En-route to a NYE party, I spotted a motorcyclist in real trouble on the Hagley Road (Birmingham, UK). He was obstructing the junction I was about to use, so there was no way of avoiding the issue. At first, I thought he was drunk and would be the recipient of a dressing down. As I […]

How to get the M.O.A.B (Call of Duty: MW3 tip)

I have just uploaded “How to get a MOAB (without camping)” to my YouTube channel. The video features a quick game of Capture the Flag on Underground with some commantary, in which I provide some hints and tips for anyone struggling to get their first MOAB (Massive Air Ordinance Blast / Mother Of All Bombs). […]

How to activate PS3 / PSN party chat

For console games there are two separate sound sources: game and voice. Anyone who has played Modern Warfare 3 will have noticed problems with the latter, which can make it quite difficult to communicate with one another. MW3: an alternative to in-game chat About 10 days ago I signed into PSN and received a message […]