Costa Concordia memorabilia

Since news broke of the Costa Concordia disaster, I have been keeping track of rescue attempts via the Sky News website. I am sad to note official rescue efforts have now been called off, despite the fact more than 10 people remain unaccounted for. Whilst it is unlikely that anyone would be alive after such […]

Charitable Yield Management by Rory Sutherland

Rory Sutherland presented the idea of Charitable Yield Management to attendees of TEDxOxford on 26th September 2011 and the video appeared on the TEDxTalks YouTube channel in January of this year. For the first part of the video Rory covers some interesting observations by behavioural economists, in particular the way in which our perception of […]

Maximuscle PROGAIN & the gym: an update.

At school, I would use the gym 3 times per week and play sports on ‘rest’ days. At uni, I would play football every Wednesday (often with a hangover) and use the gym whenever my body wasn’t feeling battered from the night before. Beyond graduation, my exercise was limited to once a week in the […]

Google+ Update for iOS: now with video hangouts

If you’re an Android user I am aware this is old news and there is no need to point it out in the comments! As you would naturally expect, Google deploys new features to their own handsets before Apple gets them. Moving on…. I signed into the App Store last night and was pleased to […]

Liquipel: prepare to be amazed

Look what happens when this iPhone 4 is completely submerged in water: That’s right, absolutely nothing. Hang on a second. Nothing happens! That is because the Liquipel iPhone has been treated to a special nano coating which prevents the water from interfering with the electronics. According to the Liquipel website, this technology can be applied to the […]

Inflatable Mario Kart for the Nintendo Wii

A belated Christmas video: Look What Santa Brought One of my son’s favourite Christmas presents was the inflatable Mario Kart you can see in the above video. Whilst this Wii accessory is clearly intended for young children, it supported my weight (13 stone / 182 pounds) without any problems.  According to the instructions, the kart […]

After much deliberation, I have started a new channel on YouTube: iKingOfHouse. Whilst I like the idea of having a work-life channel to match the overall theme of my blog, I intend to grow my subscriber base as much as possible and I was concerned that 100(0/00/000) gaming subscribers would cause problems on a channel that is […]