CTF: The Child Trust Fund

If I wasn’t working for myself, it is fairly safe to say I would be involved in corporate finance, share trading or hedge fund management. Therefore it is no surprise to those around me that I have decided to go with a Selftrade account for my newborn’s Child Trust Fund. As a very basic overview, […]

Honestly officer, my iPhone is lying!

I’m still hugely impressed with Apple’s creation and have even considered getting one for my personal mobile, in conjunction to the one I have for business use, despite the fact it will render the former entirely pointless (more on that later!) I’ve downloaded a free GPS tracker from iTunes, mainly because it can provide longitute […]

Internet research doesn’t mean looking at porn

If you’re able to write short yet detailed responses to random questions and can use Google, then a job as an internet researcher is a sure way to bring in £20-£30 for a few hours on an evening. I had a short spell with Any Question Answered (‘AQA’) whilst I set-up SmarterHousing, which helped fund […]

Diamonds are forever

Last October, my (then) girlfriend and I went to Dubai for some sun and shopping. I came back with something far more significant than a few new clothes! As a sustainable economy, I’m not so sure about Dubai, but while it lasts I shall remain in awe of the place. The gold and diamond souqs […]

You’re probably doing it the hard way

There are many occasions when I have considered things that supposedly make life easier, yet I always seem to waste more time on activating/setting up such systems that I probably lose out in the long run. Despite Orange’s initial refusal to issue a PAC code, I managed to get one eventually and over the weekend […]

A day brings many problems

Having negotiated potential disaster (i.e. significant data loss from an apparent computer failure at 6 a.m. this morning) I had hoped for a relatively smooth day. My experience tells me this will rarely be the case and, as of 1 a.m. and with my ‘day’ drawing to a close, I have endured two additional events […]

Technology will let you down

What I like about technology is that it is reliable until such time that its failure will cause maximum frustration. It’s been a long week, but I’ve made the effort to get up at the crack of dawn to catch up on some accounting before the daily mayhem begins at 9. Even though I have […]