Richard Branson on the ups and downs of entrepreneurship

Richard Branson talks to TED’s Chris Anderson about the ups and the downs of his career, from his multibillionaire success to his multiple near-death experiences. Sir Richard reveals some of his (very surprising) motivations. Posted by Adam Arnold Related Blogs Related Blogs on Richard Branson Sir Richard Branson’s ‘unstoppable’ Traffic Tactic: Personal Niche … Richard […]

WordPress mysteries, unsolved

If anyone is unfortunate enough to have stumbled upon Encounters of an Entrepreneur on more than one occasion, don’t blame me – blame Google. However, you may have noticed that the main page displays a summary of my recent posts, with a rather handy “read more” link. The code for doing this is nothing more […]

Theo Paphitis on diversification of British Industries.

Theo Paphitis answers Should Britain diversify it’s economy into other industries such as manufacturing, engineering, green technology / energy and Digital industries, and end it’s reliance on the financial sector for creating wealth and GDP? Posted by Adam Arnold Related Blogs Related Blogs on Financial Sector Fixing the financial sector is top priority – Talk […]

Googlewhack Entrepreneur

For anyone who hasn’t seen Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack, I have shamelessly included links to the DVD, book and audiotape, below. The show is hugely entertaining, if only because I can totally understand the random chain of events which led Dave Gorman on his Googlewhack adventure. For those unfamiliar with the term, Googlewhacking is a game […]

Courvoisier The Future 500 Press Release

New list identifies businesses and individuals capable of riding out the recession. Adam Arnold of Smarter Group Ltd. is identified as a rising star. London, Dec 2008 – As the government implements measures to bolster the economy, a new list identifies some of the individuals who are still succeeding and growing their businesses thanks to […]

Entrepreneur(s) of the future

Adam Arnold, CEO The Smarter Group Ltd. My feature (printed in its entirity, above) in this morning’s ‘Generation Next’ pull-out in The Guardian newspaper isn’t quite up there with making the cover of Time Magazine, however I am still delighted by the presence of my name in a list of the UK’s top 500 entrepreneurs of […]

iPhone 2.2 firmware update

On the plus side I don’t have any missing programs or applications and, as far as I can see, my iPhone isn’t suffering from poor signal. Hopefully I will be able to bring more positive comments once I have explored the update further! As updates go, this was a bloody nightmare. I don’t recall any […]