Milltek Sport Performance Exhausts: “thank you”

This post is a public “thank you” to Steve Pound, Brand & Commercial Manager at Milltek Sport Performance Exhausts. ~~~ Earlier this month I went to see Will Pedley Racing, with the aim of resolving a rather hefty rattle on my ST170. We were pretty sure it was exhaust related as, in true Will Pedley style, […]

Maximuscle: a lesson in Customer Service

In the Maximuscle Experience I rambled on about a decision to try out their Lean Definition Range. In a nutshell, I’d consumed one too many pies (beers) and needed to trim down before I rendered the bulk of my wardrobe utterly useless. I was pretty pleased with the results and went to order another batch […]

AVerMedia Game Capture HD: a usage guide

A subscriber to my dedicated gaming channel sent me a message seeking help with Sony Vegas. In particular, he was having trouble importing clips recorded with the AVerMedia Game Capture HD  & wanted to know my render settings. Replying via YouTube messages wouldn’t have fully answered the question, so I decided to post this AVerMedia […]

Exonia: A YouTube Partnership opportunity

YouTube Partnership is the holy grail for many content creators. It doesn’t cost anything to join the Partner Program but you do need to meet certain criteria. If accepted you will notice more options for customising your channel; your videos will receive greater exposure; and you will have access to additional resources. Oh – you […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – another blockbuster?

The gaming industry shows no signs of being affected by the global economic downturn and is set to be worth in excess of £50 billion by the end of 2012, once the likes of FIFA 13, HALO 4, Assassins Creed III and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 have been accounted for. Call of Duty: […]

The Bromsgrove School Crest / Coat of Arms

Since posting Momento Mori: I hope not, in which I talked about Bromsgrove School’s performance in the 2012 A Level Results tables, I have noticed a spike in blog traffic for people trying to locate the Bromsgrove School Coat of Arms. I had a little look around Google Images and managed to find three variations: […]

O2 customers: you have been warned

O2 has recently been forced to say sorry in the wake of another network problem which left some 10% of their 23 million customers without phone coverage. Chief Executive Ronan Dunne said he was “embarrassed” by the glitch, which comes only months after a similar network failure, back in July of this year. Personally I […]