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Mastering Social Media Course by Ecademy

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This evening I noticed several Tweets regarding a complaint issued by @MediocreMum, so I read through the timeline to see what all the fuss was about. In essence, MediocreMum attended a course entitled ‘Mastering Social Media’ which was delivered by Ecademy founder, Thomas Power. As many of you know I went to a Mastering SocialContinue Reading

Apprentice 2011 & You’re Fired tickets

The Apprentice 2011 is due to hit TV screens around May of this year and for the first time since the series began there is no £100,000 job on the line.  Instead, Lord Sugar is to invest £250,000 into a business which he will jointly own with the winner of the 2011 Apprentice. What thisContinue Reading

Donald Trump on Piers Morgan Tonight Show

Donald Trump on the Tonight Show Listen for free on iTunes [UK] Listen for free on iTunes [US] In a recent interview on the Tonight Show with Piers Morgan, Donald Trump talks about a possible run for the White House and doing business with the Chinese. You can listen to the entire interview on iTunesContinue Reading

Thundercats are loose! (and back on your TV soon)

One day back in 1995 I was looking through the video store for something to watch. I came across an old VHS tape of the first Thundercats episode. I brought it home and watched it with my 4 year old son. He must have watched that tape 10 times before we had to return it.Continue Reading

Karate Kid (2010) vs Karate Kid remastered in HD (2005)

I was quite surprised to see a remake of the classic 1984 film Karate Kid pop in iTunes this morning, considering the original was remastered in HD only 5 years ago. At the moment it is only available to download but I suspect I’ll watch it when available for rental as I tend to enjoyContinue Reading

Website update – 29th November 2010

I have now completed the cosmetic changes that I have been meaning to do for some time, including: – remove “Adam Arnold – The Smarter CEO” (blog title) from view; – remove “Encounters of an Entrepreneur” (blog sub title) from view; – upload a background; and – replace the header image. However I still needContinue Reading

Twitter as a B2B tool for the SmarterCard

In recent weeks I have started Tweeting again in an attempt to secure additional discounts for Smarter Card holders. From a B2B perspective Twitter can be a very effective way of communicating as in many cases you can have direct access to the decision maker of any particular business. As a simple example, I recentlyContinue Reading

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