Mastering Social Media Course by Ecademy

This evening I noticed several Tweets regarding a complaint issued by @MediocreMum, so I read through the timeline to see what all the fuss was about. In essence, MediocreMum attended a course entitled ‘Mastering Social Media’ which was delivered by Ecademy founder, Thomas Power. As many of you know I went to a Mastering Social […]

Apprentice 2011 & You’re Fired tickets

The Apprentice 2011 is due to hit TV screens around May of this year and for the first time since the series began there is no £100,000 job on the line.  Instead, Lord Sugar is to invest £250,000 into a business which he will jointly own with the winner of the 2011 Apprentice. What this […]

Donald Trump on Piers Morgan Tonight Show

Donald Trump on the Tonight Show Listen for free on iTunes [UK] Listen for free on iTunes [US] In a recent interview on the Tonight Show with Piers Morgan, Donald Trump talks about a possible run for the White House and doing business with the Chinese. You can listen to the entire interview on iTunes […]

Thundercats are loose! (and back on your TV soon)

One day back in 1995 I was looking through the video store for something to watch. I came across an old VHS tape of the first Thundercats episode. I brought it home and watched it with my 4 year old son. He must have watched that tape 10 times before we had to return it. […]

Karate Kid (2010) vs Karate Kid remastered in HD (2005)

I was quite surprised to see a remake of the classic 1984 film Karate Kid pop in iTunes this morning, considering the original was remastered in HD only 5 years ago. At the moment it is only available to download but I suspect I’ll watch it when available for rental as I tend to enjoy […]

Website update – 29th November 2010

I have now completed the cosmetic changes that I have been meaning to do for some time, including: – remove “Adam Arnold – The Smarter CEO” (blog title) from view; – remove “Encounters of an Entrepreneur” (blog sub title) from view; – upload a background; and – replace the header image. However I still need […]

Twitter as a B2B tool for the SmarterCard

In recent weeks I have started Tweeting again in an attempt to secure additional discounts for Smarter Card holders. From a B2B perspective Twitter can be a very effective way of communicating as in many cases you can have direct access to the decision maker of any particular business. As a simple example, I recently […]