Complete list of Small Business Sunday winners (#sbs @TheoPaphitis)

Small Business Sunday is a Twitter competition organised by Theo Paphitis, providing SMEs with a weekly opportunity for exposure to his ever growing number of followers. If you’re unfamiliar with the details of #SBS, click here for a full explanation of the rules and potential rewards (my original post was updated earlier this month to […]

Response to UK riots: sales of baseball bats soar

Looking for some additional protection? You’re not the only one! This list of movers & shakers on the Amazon website shows some alarming figures. Since the UK riots began, sales of some sports goods have increased almost 40,000%! Currently topping the charts are a Police style truncheon and a range of aluminium baseball bats, many […]

#SBS replaces #TheoSBS for Small Business Sunday

View this post for up to date information on #sbs Small Business Sunday In November 2010 I was lucky enough to be selected as one of six winners of a weekly Twitter competition held by Theo Paphitis. At the time, entrants had to use the hashtag #TheoSBS. #TheoSBS shortened to #SBS My original post, Theo […]

Is Google Plus better than Facebook?

Yes, Google Plus is better than Facebook. When Facebook first became available it was only available to university students and this was very appealing. Obviously, distributing invites around university students was a clever way to quickly expand Facebook’s user base and before long, they opened it up to the masses. My Facebook friends list is […]

The Evolution of the Computer Virus by Mikko Hypponen

In what is possibly the most entertaining Ted Talk I have seen this year, Mikko Hypponen begins by introducing the first known computer virus – now 25 years old. Using a simulator, Mikko shows that that ‘Brain A’ was nothing more than a mild inconvenience. Exploring the code behind Brain A, Mikko extracts a name […]

TEDTALKS: Nigel Marsh on work-life balance

The following video was recorded at TEDxSydney and features Nigel Marsh talking about work-life balance. Nigel caught my attention because he is very realistic about what is possible in terms of work-life balance. After spelling out his ideal day, mixing work with relaxation and family time, Nigel acknowledges this isn’t possible on a daily basis. […]

Get James Caan: The Real Deal for free

A couple of days ago I noted “James Caan Business Secrets” in the list of featured apps on iTunes and thought I would give it a try. Bearing in mind I was expecting nothing more than a few hints and tips, I wasn’t that impressed to begin with. Although the content is presented by James […]