COD MW3: Road To Commander

Road to Commander (RTC) is a type of video series, specific to Call of Duty, in which every game of the ranking up process is recorded. In Modern Warfare 3, this is level 1 through level 80. For reasons I will cover in a later post, I have recorded an RTC and will be uploading […]

Gran Turismo 5 DLC: Kart Space I & II

Over the weekend I downloaded the a DLC bundle for GT5, available on the PSN store for less than a tenner. Amongst other things, it includes a new track called Kart Space which available in four configurations: Kart Space I, Kart Space I (reverse), Kart Space II and Kart Space II (reverse). The following video was […]

Inflatable Mario Kart for the Nintendo Wii

A belated Christmas video: Look What Santa Brought One of my son’s favourite Christmas presents was the inflatable Mario Kart you can see in the above video. Whilst this Wii accessory is clearly intended for young children, it supported my weight (13 stone / 182 pounds) without any problems.  According to the instructions, the kart […]

After much deliberation, I have started a new channel on YouTube: iKingOfHouse. Whilst I like the idea of having a work-life channel to match the overall theme of my blog, I intend to grow my subscriber base as much as possible and I was concerned that 100(0/00/000) gaming subscribers would cause problems on a channel that is […]

No prestige token after prestiging (COD: MW3 help)

I hope this post proves useful for anyone who plays Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and has failed to receive a prestige token after entering prestige mode. For those of you who don’t know what this means and are still reading, all Call of Duty games involve a system that allows players to ‘rank […]

Recording PS3 & XBOX gameplay (revisited)

Can I record Black Ops 2 gameplay without a capture card? In November last year, I uploaded a semi-sarcastic video to YouTube, entitled “How (not) to record COD: MW3 game play”. Here it is: The point of the video was to illustrate the fact that budding YouTube commentators can’t yet rely on the built in […]

How to get the M.O.A.B (Call of Duty: MW3 tip)

I have just uploaded “How to get a MOAB (without camping)” to my YouTube channel. The video features a quick game of Capture the Flag on Underground with some commantary, in which I provide some hints and tips for anyone struggling to get their first MOAB (Massive Air Ordinance Blast / Mother Of All Bombs). […]