CTF: The Child Trust Fund

If I wasn’t working for myself, it is fairly safe to say I would be involved in corporate finance, share trading or hedge fund management. Therefore it is no surprise to those around me that I have decided to go with a Selftrade account for my newborn’s Child Trust Fund. As a very basic overview, […]

Internet research doesn’t mean looking at porn

If you’re able to write short yet detailed responses to random questions and can use Google, then a job as an internet researcher is a sure way to bring in £20-£30 for a few hours on an evening. I had a short spell with Any Question Answered (‘AQA’) whilst I set-up SmarterHousing, which helped fund […]

Job Description: Entrepreneur

There isn’t a short answer to the question, ‘what is an entrepreneur?’, nor is there a single answer for ‘what does an entrepreneur do?’ What I’m doing changes from day to day, at the moment rotating between: – estate agent: as the core of the SmarterGroup, SmarterHousing still consumes the majority of my time. September […]