You’re probably doing it the hard way

There are many occasions when I have considered things that supposedly make life easier, yet I always seem to waste more time on activating/setting up such systems that I probably lose out in the long run.

Despite Orange’s initial refusal to issue a PAC code, I managed to get one eventually and over the weekend placed an order with O2 for the 16gb white iPhone. It takes five days for the number to port over, although my Orange phone is still ‘working’ in the interim.

I won’t say too much about the iPhone at this point other than to agree with the masses: it is fantastic.

Amongst the many free applications I have found one called TruPhone and it seems like perfect timing as I need to make a number of calls to the USA over the coming days, in order to further the SmarterNights concept of dvd/videogame rentals that you never need to return. I’m hoping to get this idea rolled out early in 2009; slightly sooner than mentioned on the SmarterNights blog.

Downloading TruPhone from iTunes was easy enough and the application loaded onto my phone immediately. An account was set-up (and credited with £1 free call time – not to be sniffed at when calls are only 3p a min) within minutes although I have now hit a barrier: I can’t log-in to my TruPhone account :-/

Loading the application on my iPhone brings up a holding page which has thus far failed to load on numerous attempts. Each subsequent results in a new “Welcome to Truphone” text on my mobile and a new password. Unfortunately I can’t log-in to my account manually as my password is allegedly incorrect.

Needless to say, I’m probably doing something wrong. I’m sure I’ll have Truphone working shortly and it will be brilliant, but I can’t help but feel I should have just made the call using my mobile and stumped up the relevant obscene pence per minute charge.

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