WordPress mysteries, unsolved

If anyone is unfortunate enough to have stumbled upon Encounters of an Entrepreneur on more than one occasion, don’t blame me – blame Google. However, you may have noticed that the main page displays a summary of my recent posts, with a rather handy “read more” link.

The code for doing this is nothing more complicated than <!–more–>

However, the code recently broke in a couple of sites I have hosted on the same server. The code caused the page to display incorrectly, with various cosmetic changes.

Despite the simple nature of the code, the solution was not to be found. After some time frustratingly browsing Google for a remedy, I simply ran through the sites and deleted all traces of <!–more–>. This took some time, so I was glad to see the display error was resolved.

I don’t know why the code caused the problem, especially as I hadn’t changed anything between the time it was last working and when I realised it wasn’t. Nor do I now know why the <!–more–> code is working again without problems!

This is a good thing, as I suspect the Google crawler only scans a certain amount of text on any given page (I have read that it does, but nothing that constitutes official documentation). By having page summaries this provides a greater number of posts on the first page, allowing Google to index them quicker. I notice that most of my new posts turn up on Google searches after a few hours, where as the remaining parts of the site take a little longer. This is down to the sitemap.xml file but I haven’t got round to looking at the one generated by the WordPress Search Engine Optimisation plugin. I really should come to think about it…

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