Will Pedley Racing – Focus ST170 ITB conversion

The problem was found today… When I fitted the new flywheel I used new Ford standard flywheel bolts, these are obviously designed to go through a dual mass flywheel… It turns out the TTV Racing item is actually a few millimetres thinner in the centre and as 4 out of the 6 holes in the crank are through holes, the extra couple of millimetres was enough for the end of the bolt to protrude out and press against the block.

So in effect, it bolted the crank to the block *oops*

Hey ho, we live and learn, there doesn’t appear to be any damage to the crank, flywheel or block. To be on the safe side, i figured i’d fit new flywheel bolts again for the sake of £6… Until I rang Ford and got told 7-10 days to get them in!!!

A quick phone call to our very own Tezza revealed he actually had a set he’d bought for his own ST170 and not needed! Win! A 7 hour round trip later and they’re sat in my car ready for me to crack on tomorrow morning. Straight to the machine shop and take a few millimetres off the end of them!!!!


Car is back together, however cranking saw the oil pressure warning light go off after less than 10 seconds so after another few seconds of cranking I thought it was time to connect the ECU and go for the big fire up!

Crank… Crank… Crank… Crank… Crank… Crank… – No fire up

Grabbed the laptop and connected it to the ECU, air and water temps were sensible, throttle read fine etc. So cranked again…

Saw the engine speed flick to 80 rpm and then flatline at 0 again, I found this strange as I could hear the engine rotating at around 300rpm in the background.

So started looking at the crank sensor, some quick checks and sums revealed I actually had a 5.5mm air gap between the sensor and the flywheel trigger!

For the benefit of those at the back, inductive sensors normally run on a gap of up to/around 1mm.

Soooo… Tomorrow will see the hunt for a different (read ‘longer’) crank sensor!!!!

Fingers crossed then it will come to life 🙂


Had it’s first fire up about an hour ago 🙂

All seems well so far, few niggling things need sorting in the morning such as balancing the bodies etc.

If all is well and the idle mapping is ok – i might try a little drive out lunchtime tomorrow…

We’ll see!

Q: how did you sort the sensor issue?
A: Sorting a longer sensor turned out to be an epic mare, despite the best efforts of some of the best help I could ask for, Tezza included!!

In the end, I settled for light modification of the sensor, the sensor bung and had to adjust the potentiometers on the PCB inside the ECU to raise the sensitivity – all worked though!

Had to rewire the fuel pump, bypassing the controller as it wasn’t holding fuel pressure properly and was dropping away slowly to the point it stalled!

Either which way – it lives 🙂

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  1. Brill write up, fantastic even, so glad that this has been looked at before I venture down this road,

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    Glad you like it – I’ve merely borrowed the content from Will Pedley a means of showing the importance of Search Engine Optimisation – although it is my car!

    If you’re looking to do something like this I would say without hesitation to give him a shout http://www.willpedleyracing.co.uk 🙂

    From your e-mail (which isn’t shown to the masses) can I assume you have a Fiesta? I can only imagine how quick a smaller car would be with this engine :0)


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