Will Pedley Racing – Focus ST170 ITB conversion

Q: how much for a set of ITBs on their own?
A: Price for a set of ITBs, loom and ECU supplied, fitted and mapped is around £2500-3000 depending on spec and options 🙂

Q: how did you time the cams?
A: Dialling the cams in was done to peak lift at a given timing figure, i.e 110 degrees Before Top Dead Centre & I used the Dial Test Indicator to ensure the cam lobe was exactly at its highest point there 🙂


Right – quick update with a few randomly snapped pics!

Rather serious mods to the back of the engine bay:

And this section of guttering will form the basis of a nice new recessed panel at the rear!

Throttle linkage built up (re-using the OE cable!)

Oil breather fitted:

Everything at the top of this picture was de-pinned from the connector to leave just the oil pressure warning wire!

Wiring loom modification to get the VVT solenoid working again:

And then some wiring to put relays and fuses in to keep everything safe:

Unfortunately when we went to crank for oil pressure we were met with a click from the starter motor 🙁

When i tried to turn the engine over by hand with a socket and bar, it was rock solid…

Soooo – it appears that somewhere along the line, since the engine came off the stand (where i turned it over by hand!), something is stopping it turning!

We quickly whipped the starter motor off and that made no difference – suspicion currently lies with the flywheel/clutch so on Monday i’ll whip the box off and get to the bottom of that.

Very annoying but hey!

Once the engine is rotating again we’re 100% ready for a fire up 🙂

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  1. Brill write up, fantastic even, so glad that this has been looked at before I venture down this road,

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    Glad you like it – I’ve merely borrowed the content from Will Pedley a means of showing the importance of Search Engine Optimisation – although it is my car!

    If you’re looking to do something like this I would say without hesitation to give him a shout http://www.willpedleyracing.co.uk 🙂

    From your e-mail (which isn’t shown to the masses) can I assume you have a Fiesta? I can only imagine how quick a smaller car would be with this engine :0)


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