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Job Description: Entrepreneur

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There isn’t a short answer to the question, ‘what is an entrepreneur?’, nor is there a single answer for ‘what does an entrepreneur do?’

What I’m doing changes from day to day, at the moment rotating between:

- estate agent: as the core of the SmarterGroup, SmarterHousing still consumes the majority of my time. September is a particularly busy time as tenants move into their student properties prior to the start of the academic year.

- seller of insurance: through a partnership with Karma Insurance, SmarterHousing can now provide students contents insurance, along with specialist cover for Landlords or students about to embark on a gap year abroad. Making sure we remain compliant with legislation (which is, if Gordon Brown is listening, an absolute minefield for SMEs) wasn’t a 5 minute job.

- virgin media salesman: SmarterHousing provide free wireless broadband to all student properties, subject to availability in that area. The majority of our properties are serviced by Virgin Media and as a result of this ongoing relationship, we are now able to arrange for installation of Virgin Media services, at discounted rates. We are selling into all student and residential accommodation in areas local to our business.

- blogger: this blog!

Posted by Adam Arnold

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