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Video Panorama – create panoramic photos on your iPhone

Video Panorama is on iTunes
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Video Panorama for iPhone & iPod Touch

Video Panorama for iPhone & iPod Touch

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Video Panorama is an application for the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G-S, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch which allows you to create panoramic photographs from video taken on your device.

Panoramic photography on mobile phones is nothing new – my Sony Ericsson K750i had this as a built in feature back in 2004.

Typically, applications of this nature will create the panorama by stitching together individual photographs. On my K750i this meant you needed an incredibly steady hand to line up successive photographs and even then it could take two or three takes to get the right shot. Sadly, this meant the process of taking a panoramic photograph could be quite time consuming.

I am subscribed to a couple of people who review iPhones and associated gadgets on YouTube and one of them recently tweeted a couple of panoramic photographs created with Video Panorama.

The idea of creating a panoramic photograph from a video appeals to me as it should be quicker and easier than making the user take individual photographs. Since it’s snowing I thought now would be the ideal time to try out this app.

In the meantime, check out this video review which gives you an idea of how simple yet effective Video Panorama is for creating panoramic photography:

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