Truth or Consequences

Christmas Eve (slash Christmas Day very early morning), 2:00 a.m. and I’m using a combination of Google Maps and American internal flight planner websites to help out a friend in need.

To cut a long story short, he left the UK early this morning to see his girlfriend, who lives in Tuscon (Arizona) and events haven’t gone quite to plan: he is now in George Bush Intercontinental Airport (Houston), having missed his designated connection flight. Continental Airlines are to blame for his rather unfortunate situation.

I’m still trying to help out so my observations are in bullet form:

  • technology these days is simply amazing. We are communicating via msn, yet neither of us have access to a computer or a wired internet connection. We could talk, but then his network’s staff would all be in for a huge Christmas bonus;
  • there is a need for an alternative-flight or alternative-route planner when flights don’t go according to plan. A “.mobi” website (optimised for mobile phone internet access) would presumably be the best way of deploying such a site. Perhaps I could integrate this into SmarterHolidays somehow…;
  • Google maps is a phenomenal resource: I have managed to locate a flight to an alternative airport in Arizona which is only 115 miles from his original destination. Not exactly walking distance but it looks like an easy drive down Route 10 and would avoid the inconvenience of spending Christmas Day in an international airport; and
  • The crazy Americans have named a town in New Mexico Truth or Consequences. You learn something new every day!

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