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Treyarch CEO: Adam Arnold

Treyarch CEO: Adam Arnold

COD: Black Ops 2 - available 13th November 2012

COD: Black Ops 2 – available 13th November 2012

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Over the past couple of months I have received numerous e-mails moaning about shoddy game mechanics, poor hit detection, lag and just about everything else that was wrong with Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Earlier this week the penny finally dropped: it turns out that I share my name with the CEO of Treyarch and, purely by chance, Google searches for ‘Treyarch CEO’ return my blog as the top result. Hopefully this post will nestle in above the existing one and I can avoid further e-mails about ‘my’ ability to design a first person shooter.

So, if you found this post in an attempt to contact Treyarch’s CEO I regret I can’t be of any assistance. I would suggest you continue looking, but this Google search of for “Adam Arnold” returns no results.

Instead, I suggest you pre order Modern Warfare 3 :). From the information released to date, it looks like this is the game Modern Warfare 2 should have been!

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  • Justin

    I need to speak to someone at you’re company via email please.
    This is very important.
    The way i see it you don’t return my emails, phone calls, or anything what is going on there? what kind of company are you guys running? Do i have to explain why i can’t get ahold of you guy’s ? This is costing me money.
    I have stock in you’re company, however this isn’t even closely related about that.

    Email me at once or you can forget it.


    • AdamArnold

      Hi Justin,

      You’d be better off contacting Treyarch ;)


      • adam atallah-kugel

        hi my name is adam if you would give me a chance i would like to give you and idea for a new call of duty game please reply

  • edmond

    i would like to say that i am extremely annoyed becasue me and my friends have spend 5hours plus doing the call of the dead easter egg in order to do the moon one, we did all of the steps and got the VR11, but then failed to get a matryoshka doll over 50 attempts, please sort out the random box.
    with regards

  • Julioaristy

    im doing a project for 7th grade i whanted to know where you whent to college and what degree u got

    • Anonymous

      I have an Economics degree from the University of Warwick (Warwickshire, England), but I have absolutely nothing to do with Treyarch!

  • ikingofhouse

    Good to see you’re still turning up in searches for Treyarch CEO! LOL!

    I see you’re into Call of Duty so I hope you will like our series on Black Ops 2 over at …

  • ben

    adam what you should do is make it so that there is a perk that can make you get a max ammo every 4 or 5 rounds so people dont run out of ammo when they have crappy guns.
    also you should get rid of the emps on greif and survival so people cant be gay and turn of perks and make people rage quit and file complaints.

    best wishes,

    • ben

      it would be great to tell someone on the development group about that


      • ben

        Please reply back

        • Adam_Arnold

          Hi Ben,

          I assume you’re joking?

          The whole point of this post is to say that I have nothing to do with Treyarch. Unfortunately, Treyarch’s CEO is called Adam Arnold and as there is no record of him on their website, I seem to get a lot of action every time they release a dodgy Call of Duty game :)

          Happy New Year :)

          Adam (not the Treyarch CEO) Arnold

          • ben

            Hahaha sorry about that

  • Jonathan Wilt

    You guys make the worst cod games ever. You have the most dead lobby’s out there.when it comes to call of duty from here on out unless it’s made by Infinity Ward I will never buy another treyarch game ever again based on the fact you have lost my interest after world at war.

    • Adam_Arnold


  • Biatch

    All Garbage!!!! Adam Arnld is a BITCH!!!!!

  • Biatch

    And all your devs are just as Bitch as you!!!!!!!!

    • Adam_Arnold

      I’m just speculating here… but I suspect you can’t read.

  • Amee M Aldrich-Wood

    Unlike all the other people on this blog I love the black ops line. I played honestly for about a year and made it to pretiege master with my subs and asault rifles diamond also my shotguns needed only a couple of revenge medals before I did what many people do already. With that said my problem is not with being banned for seven days I understand that I broke the rules, but to reset my profile is very upseting I worked very hard for what I earned. I know other people that have been banned for the same thing and their profile did not get reset I don’t understand how you make the decisions on each individual account, SORRY!
    Sincierly kaiden000.

  • david

    hi treyarch my account has been hacked. there are a lot of game play in my theatre that aren’t mind but looks like its me hacking. so how does this happen Email me thankz killarw8t black ops2 ps3

  • Brent

    Why the fuck do I get put on probation in hardcore its not my fault if a player runs in front of me and I shoot him in the head and if I buy a ps4 and I pay to play online if you put me on probation I will quit playing your product. This is bullshit!!!!!

    • Adam_Arnold

      Cheaters never prosper, Brent. Have you tried Halo? It’s actually pretty good and makes a great alternative to Call of Duty.

  • rodney

    you need to add the store to bo3 and the customizable camos I paid for nuk3town and didn’t get it fix it asap

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