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Top 500 UK Entrepreneurs (CVTF500)

Top 500 UK Entrepreneurs (CVTF500)

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I must say I was rather chuffed to find out I have been nominated as one of the top 500 entrepreneurs in the UK at present. An article is going in a Sunday supplement to a national news paper on Sunday 30th November 2008, after which I can reveal more details!

This nomination also brings with it the opportunity to join an exclusive members club for entrepreneurs and, having glazed over the associated benefits, I will be saying ‘yes, count me in’ for certain. The most exciting perk seems to be the personal networking concierge, who looks for opportunities with similar people/businesses within the club and presumably then facilitates introductions.

Here’s a sneak peak…

Adam Arnold - identified by the CVTF500 as a "rising star"

Adam Arnold – identified by the CVTF500 as a “rising star”

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