A combination of stress, poor diet and a complete lack of exercise saw my weight drop to a measly 11 stone towards the latter part of 2010. Almost a year later, I decided to do something about it and started using the gym for the first time in longer than I could remember.

To compliment my ‘routine’ (far from a fixed regime), I began to experiment with Maximuscle PROGAIN and PROMAX. Three months later, I had settled on PROGAIN, purely because I preferred the taste.

I didn’t really dig into the science behind PROMAX or PROGAIN, but it’s safe to say they did what they said on the tin, with my weight shooting up to 13.5 stone by January of this year.

For the next three months I found myself working silly hours and this meant fewer gym visits, although I was still taking Maximuscle PROGAIN in addition to a healthy amount of meat and veg! The result wasn’t pretty – in April I shot past 14 stone and started to look a little tubby around the middle.

Throughout May and June I made sure I hit the gym at least twice a week. One of those visits would involve a good session with the punch bag and some time with my virtual ab trainer (see: Lolo Easy Abs – the best 69p you’ll spend this year!).

As I’m trying to tone up the mass I put on with PROGAIN, I’ve switched to the Maximuscle Lean Definition range, specifically PROMAX Diet. So far, so good – I’m now back to a smidge over 13 stone. My plan is to stick with this until I have a visible 6 pack (ok, any kind of pack will do) and then I’ll go back to bulking up again.

The one downside to all of this is having to make specific trips to Tesco to pick up the various Maximuscle products but I’ve managed to solve that little problem. You can buy direct from Maximuscle and if you’re prepared to buy in bulk, it works out much cheaper than buying through a retailer.

I opted for 3 tubs of the PROMAX Diet from their Lean Definition Range, placing an order late on Saturday 30th June. By Monday 2nd July I received a text saying my order was being packaged in their warehouse.  The next morning I was notified that my order would arrive between 9.30 and 10.30 on Wednesday 4th.

They weren’t wrong….

Maximuscle Lean Definition PRO MAX diet
Maximuscle – Lean Definition Range – PROMAX diet – 3 for £99

It’s fair to say Maximuscle.com is a well oiled machine and shopping direct has been a very satisfying experience. Not only did I manage to bag 3 tubs of PROMAX diet for £99 (including delivery), they also threw in a free mixer.

There is no doubt in my mind I will be ordering direct in future.

Update: whilst I do mention that you have to be “prepared to buy in bulk” (above), a few people have e-mailed to say ASDA is cheaper. That is true, if you’re buying single units. If you are a regular user of MaxiMuscle products then it is cheaper to buy direct. I explain why in this post.

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