The happy secret to better work (Shawn Anchor – TEDxBloomington)

It’s fair to say I am a massive fan of  TEDxTalks and think the majority of their presentations are absolutely fantastic. Despite this, I have only blogged about two of their videos – Nigel Marsh on Work – Life balance & Rory Sutherland on Charitable Yield Management.

The reason for this is very simple: there isn’t time write about all of the TEDxTalks that are interesting, thought provoking or amusing. However, once in a while I will see a presentation that has particular relevance to my own set of circumstances. For example, Nigel Marsh suggests we can improve our work-life balance simply by redefining the time scales on which we base our measurements. His message has been hugely beneficial to me as a father and business owner. In the case of Rory Sutherland, I was compelled by his thoughts on consumer behaviour given varying amounts of choice. Implementing his ideas – not that risky when you consider he heads up the biggest marketing consultancy in the UK – immediately resulted in higher sales for my businesses.

Thanks to Google, I can post the most relevant videos to my blog and ensure I can find them again quickly in future. In the process, I may be posting up something that benefits others.

Watching Shawn Anchor’s “Happy Secret to Better Work” reminded me of something I wanted to blog about last year but never found the time: the importance of a positive state of mind.

Shawn Anchor – The Happy Secret To Better Work  TEDxBloomington

Way back in July 2010 when I was dealing with divorce, heavily restricted access to my son and a failed business, I read a book by which really helped me to get my life back on track.

In a nutshell, focussing on the positives in my life – a fantastic son, good friends and family and a wealth of business experience – helped me to turn things around in a matter of months. Almost two years down the road I’m healther, happier, wealther and – most importantly – getting regular access to my amazing little boy.

If you have time, I really suggest you read “I Can Make You Rich” by Paul McKenna. This isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme but I guarantee you will wake up feeling richer and, in turn, begin to enjoy greater successes in life. When I find the time I promise to blog about this book in more detail!

At the time of writing, the book is on offer over on Amazon:

Paul McKenna – I Can Make You Rich – from £6.92 –

Paul McKenna – I Can Make You Rich – from $11.66 –

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