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The Fusion CA-IP500 iPod Headunit Dock

As a lover of cars, headunits and iPods, news of this little gadget is certainly going to dent my bank balance.

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The Fusion CA-IP500 is a super smart stereo head unit for your car. It’s got a built-in iPod dock, and when they say built-in – they mean it literally. The Fusion CA-IP500 is designed to have an iPod securely docked inside the actual head unit. You can control your iPod via its OLED display which will let you fully control your iPod’s interface. It’s also got a rotary encoder that replicates the click-wheel of the iPod. Other neat features include SRS Wos sound shaping, an AM/FM Tuner, a 7 band equalizer, Auxiliary in, Line out, a detachable face plate for anti-theft, and the ability to also charge your iPod while it’s connected. The Fusion CA-IP500 retails for $349.

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