The Evolution of the Computer Virus by Mikko Hypponen

In what is possibly the most entertaining Ted Talk I have seen this year, Mikko Hypponen begins by introducing the first known computer virus – now 25 years old. Using a simulator, Mikko shows that that ‘Brain A’ was nothing more than a mild inconvenience.

Exploring the code behind Brain A, Mikko extracts a name and address for the two creators and goes on to relay his story of tracing them to Bangalore – the “Silicon Valley of India”(Wikipedia).

Sadly, computer virri have evolved to the point where they can pose a real threat to national security and infrastructure. Mikko covers the problems faced by international security firms and, after spelling out the doom and gloom, manages to end on a light note with an example of how he would cope if we were to lose the use of the internet.

Mikko Hypponen is the Chief Research Officer at F-Secure, a global leader in the provision of ‘security via operators’.  Full contact details for Mikko are available on his personal website.

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