Since posting Momento Mori: I hope not, in which I talked about Bromsgrove School’s performance in the 2012 A Level Results tables, I have noticed a spike in blog traffic for people trying to locate the Bromsgrove School Coat of Arms.

I had a little look around Google Images and managed to find three variations:

The Bromsgrove School Crest - Deo Regi Vicino
The Bromsgrove School Crest – Deo Regi Vicino

The red on white and white on red versions have come out pretty well. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a better quality image for the black, white, red & yellow on brown version of the school crest. Update [19/11/12]: here’s a high resolution version of the black, white & red school crest….

Bromsgrove School crest (high quality)
Bromsgrove School crest (high quality)

If you were searching for the Bromsgrove School Coat of Arms I hope this post has been of some use.

For anyone who is wondering, the Bromsgrove School Motto (Deo Regi Vicino) roughly translates to “For God, For King or Queen, For Country”.

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  1. Adam, I found your blog whilst researching Bromsgrove’s crest. I have an 1869 copy of a Bromsgrove’s presentation book for top place in German awarded by the headmaster. It shows a completely different crest. Would like you to review the photos. I am researching this volume which I obtained in an estate sale. I’ve not seen anything comparable to it anywhere. The dates are visibly verifiable as is the headmaster’s signature. .The crest is affixed to a paste-down that was placed in the book as a presentation certificate. please feel free to contact me at

    1. Hi Ken,

      Thank you for sharing these images!

      Are the school aware of your research? It’s the kind of thing they would probably publish in the monthly newsletter.

      Perhaps they may be able to shed some light on why the school was using several variations of the crest? Or do you know the answer?


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