The Apprentice – Sir Alan Sugar vs Cassetteboy

I’m surprised this only has 11,000 views, as it is the most amusing Apprentice video edit I have ever seen. Credit must go to Cassetteboy, who has taken various clips spread over several seasons of The Apprentice and spliced them together into this hilarious edit.

My favourite line has to be “…and one of you is going to get fired sent to some Cuban jail somewhere…” 🙂

*Edit – 14th October 2010 – I’ve decided to come back and edit this post as it has accounted for nearly 15,000 blog visits in the past few days with people Googling “Alan Sugar Twitter” so if you haven’t found it yet, you can follow him at

In passing I note the Alan Sugar vs Cassetteboy video has now had in excess of 2 million views, which is the kind of figure I had expected when making the entry back in 2009. I suspect this will only increase now The Apprentice is on air again!

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