TEDTALKS: Nigel Marsh on work-life balance

The following video was recorded at TEDxSydney and features Nigel Marsh talking about work-life balance.

Nigel caught my attention because he is very realistic about what is possible in terms of work-life balance. After spelling out his ideal day, mixing work with relaxation and family time, Nigel acknowledges this isn’t possible on a daily basis. However, at 6 minutes into the video, Nigel explains how he redefines the time frame in which he assesses work-life balance. Using an example of an afternoon with his youngest son, he shows that the smallest time investments can vastly improve our work-life balance.

Edit: I had to replace the original video with one from YouTube due to slow loading times.  Here’s a link to How to make work-life balance work on TEDTalks.

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Nigel Marsh is also the author of two books: [geo-in country=”uk” note=””]Fat, Forty and Fired[/geo-in] [geo-out=”uk” note=””]Fat, Forty and Fired[/geo-out] and [geo-in country=”uk” note=””]Over-worked and under-laid[/geo-in] [geo-out country=”uk” note=””]Over-worked and under-laid[/geo-out].

Both are available in paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon.

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